More than 30 Alien civilizations are living in our Galaxy: Scientists

It has always been a desirable world that individuals like to hunt in time and again. Are we the sole human species within the galaxy or are there others like us living in planets light-years away. It looks like we finally have an answer!

Recently a significant study revealed that there may well be over 30 alien civilizations in our galaxy! The study was done to work out what percentage planets in our galaxy could actually be home to alien life. Assuming that life develops on other planets in an exceedingly similar way how it develops on Earth and matching that to planets that would be home to similar evolution.

30 alien civilizations can be living near us

Further, the study revealed that there may well be actual alien civilizations living in our Milky Way Galaxy. While this might sound sort of a fascinating discovery it also sheds light on a really important issue. If there really are alien civilizations, our prospects for future survival are not up to we may have thought.

Christopher Conselice of the University of Nottingham, in a very statement, said, “There should be a minimum of some dozen active civilizations in our Galaxy under the idea that it takes 5 billion years for intelligent life to make on other planets, as on Earth, The idea is watching evolution, but on a cosmic scale. We call this calculation the Astrobiological Copernican Limit.”

We can only be told the reality if there’s any communication sent through space. Detecting any civilizations in our galaxy is strongly obsessed with how well we are able to acquire signals being sent into space.

One light-year = 9.5 trillion km

While Scientists are sending out signals using various technology into space in search of alien civilizations, interacting with them would be difficult. The average distance to any possible civilization would be 17,000 light-years, which makes communication very challenging.

What if we never find any aliens?

The other scenario is that we are the sole intelligent life within the galaxy in which civilizations die out before we will detect them. “Our new research suggests that searches for extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations not only reveals the existence of how life forms, but also gives us clues for a way long our own civilization will last,” said Professor Conselice.
“If we discover that intelligent life is common then this might reveal that our civilization could exist for much longer than some hundred years. Alternatively, if we discover that there aren’t any active civilizations in our Galaxy it’s a nasty sign for our own long-term existence.”

“By trying to find extraterrestrial intelligent life — whether or not we discover nothing — we are discovering our own future and fate.“

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