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Top 6 Ways to Style Dupatta Everyday

Carrying with yourself an Eastern background and to keep up to it must have made you add dupatta as an essential part of your every dressing game. Many of us don’t know that a dupatta adds not only grace to the overall personality but also makes us seem respectful. If it wasn’t then why would it be available all around the globe and the internet including Export leftovers? However, being surrounded by Western lovers, you must have thought at least once that wearing a dupatta is now an outdated trend. But, this read will make you rethink and change your point of view immediately. We are going to introduce you to some super easy yet graceful ways of wearing dupatta with literally any outfit without looking weird. Stick to us to get convinced!

Half Drape:

Did you buy yourself a suit that has the embroidery which is actually lifting the whole dress? Why would you hide it then? Let’s just fold your dupatta from one side, wrap it around your shoulder and throw the other side of it on your other shoulder. You can easily flaunt it on any occasion possible and it is not a big ask.

One Side On Shoulder And The Other On Wrist:

At formals, if at all you have to carry a dupatta then a good way to do so is by making it fall on one shoulder while letting the other side get wrapped over your arm or your wrist. This way, the basic purpose of your dupatta as well as your wish to show it off is all covered modestly.

Both Sides On Each Wrist/Arm:

Make your wrists or arms the stoppers to carry this style by hooking both sides of your dupatta on each one of them. This would not be ideal to be worn as an informal style but at the parties where you have to look classy, it is for you.

The Totally Free Drape:

The struggle is real when it comes to using a dupatta as a cover mainly. In such a case where you have to sustain it as convenient as possible while looking sober, you have to put each side of your dupatta on each shoulder. Here, you don’t have to fold it or make pleatings but make certain it has a free fall from the front. You can make it your statement both casually as well as formally.

Let It Fall At One Side Only:

It is not as easy as a cake to take care of a huge, bedsheet like dupatta and aiming for the event to pass comfortably. Secondly, if you have a catchy print on your dupatta or heavy embroidery then how can you give a cold to the element of displaying it? It is a splendid choice if you fold it at one shoulder while letting it spread fully on the other side. 

Cover The Head With Style:

Trust me, you can do a lot more with your typical dupatta. How about the traditional way of covering the head with dupatta is transformed elegantly by wrapping your head by making a bandanna with your dupatta or wearing it in an Arabic style?

Hopefully, now you can walk around like a model beating the monotonous styles and rocking the new ones. Besides being an add-on to modesty, a dupatta is also worn as a decorative piece. A dupatta doesn’t always have to be carried with the Eastern dress but it also adds charm to the Western apparel if worn with a style. Dupatta-related suits are trouser suits, shalwar kameez, kurta, ghagra-choli, and lehenga but you can also wear it as a scarf wrapped around your neck with jeans and a t-shirt. One more tip for you incorporates that dupattas are commonly sold as ‘scarves’ which are also available at Export leftovers and Export Mall. Export Mall is a quality choice to shop from to fill your closet as it has an outstanding range and accessories available at reasonable prices and with the lowest delivery charges. So, don’t wait and let’s shop!

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