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PM Imran Khan Writes a Letter to Facebook’s CEO

PM Imran Khan has sent a missive to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as tensions around the world are rising after President Macron made insensitive comments which were sure to increase Islamophobia.

Several countries around the world are now calling for a boycott of French products. As per AlJazeera, President Macron has called Islam a faith “in crisis” worldwide.

PM’s Tweets to French President:

PM Imran had called out the French President on Twitter in a very series of tweets given below:

He further went on to mention that it had been unfortunate that the French Leader chose to encourage Islamophobia:

And this can be the final thing the planet needs:

PM’s Open Letter to Facebook’s CEO:

Following that, PM Imran has now written a letter to Facebook CEO to handle the issue. Contents of the letter are below:

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