In Europe, Suzuki jimny to be discontinued due to emission norm

Suzuki has decided to discontinue Jimny in most European markets because the SUV fails to fits impending CO2 emissions.

The fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny was unveiled in 2018 and have become available for sales in Europe later that year. However, it’s just like the days for the hardcore SUV within the European markets were limited. In accordance with media reports, Suzuki has decided to drag the plug on Jimny in most European markets because of emission regulations. 

Well, the carmaker had already revealed that it’ll stop selling Jimny in Europe from 2021 but the word on the road is that Maruti Suzuki seems to own advanced that date. 

Suzuki is probably going to start out axing the Jimny from various European markets from this year itself. The corporate has also reportedly stopped supplying the SUV to dealers within the UK, as a result of which the Jimny is not anymore available for bookings. Suzuki’s decision to discontinue Jimny in Europe is driven by the stricter emission regulations that acquire effect in Europe from 2021. 

These stipulations cap the CO2 emission by a carmaker’s fleet at 95g/km, something which the Jimny fails to fulfill. The SUV’s CO2 emissions range between 154g/km to 170g/km, betting on the transmission and driving conditions.

There are rumors that Suzuki could also be able to adjust to these norms if it uses a hybrid engine on Jimny but that might be economically less viable for the carmaker. This is often why Suzuki will stop selling the SUV in most European markets after 2020. Now, there are rumors that Jimny could make a comeback in as a billboard vehicle but there has been no official word from Suzuki.

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