Jadu launches new online program to train students for remote work at no upfront cost

Jadu, has launched an innovative online program with a mission to create a new way to learn and work for the tech-savvy young people of Pakistan.

As per the Future of Jobs 2020 Report, the World Economic Forum estimates that a total of 95 million job roles will emerge in tech by 2025 and through its program, Jadu aims to create a talent pipeline for these opportunities. The first track of the program is the “Full Stack Developer Fellowship”. The program is an immense, hands-on, online program taught by pioneers in the tech industry, aimed to impart technical and soft skills to people and help them into remote job placement.

Pakistan has recently experienced a surge in unemployment of educated youth particularly due to a mismatch between the education being imparted by institutes and the skill requirement of the industry. The Covid-19 pandemic has further aggravated the condition by decreasing employment opportunities all over the country.

The situation demands revolutionary measures to enhance and instill essential skills and expertise in the youth, and to link them with organizations all around the world to find remote jobs. The 4-month remote work fellowship is focused not only on developing technical skills but also on polishing interpersonal skills essential to take a remote job. 

The rigorous coursework of the program combined with practical projects will provide students with hands-on experience and prepare them to become a confident developer. The curriculum is carefully devised and reviewed by industry experts to maximize employability. And to ensure learning of the mandatory skills needed to bridge the overgrowing gap in education and market requirements. The global community network of the program with mentors from tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc will allow students to develop life-long relationships with industry pioneers, and build their own professional network.

The unique part of the program is the “income sharing agreement” mechanism modeled after online schools like Lambda School and Microverse. Through this model, the students will be able to enroll in the program at no cost at all and can pay back once they have received a job offer to work remotely.

The active participation of youth in the program will help them build a new career path by working for international companies remotely without leaving Pakistan. This will help reduce unemployment and save the country from the brain drain by retaining some of its best talents.

Enrolments for the first batch are open till Jan 22, 2021. Apply at http://jadujobs.com/

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