Ozone Layer in Healing Process thanks to the worldly lock down

The death rate is on top due to COVID-19 throughout the planet. Medical officers are on the front row of the corona virus crisis, as they’re treating lots of patients. But, surprisingly, there’s a positive effect of this pandemic furthermore.

Advantage of the pandemic to climate:

Climate expert scientists say that as more countries come in partial or complete lock downs, the outlet of the layer is recovering. With a decrease in pollution thanks to the closure of industries throughout the planet, the ozonosphere is repairing and redirecting wind flows.

“In short, this has normalized weather within the hemisphere of the world”, in accordance with the University of Colorado Boulder’s study on global climate change.

The ozone layer is functioning well:

Lead Author of the study Antara Banerjee claims that “ever since China closed its industries, following lock down, there has been a sufficient decrease in global pollution. And since people are confined to their homes, the industries are pack up, and therefore the roads are steered away from soot-producing vehicles. Consequently, this has resulted within the truncation of global warming levels”.

“We term this a ‘pause’ because the pole ward circulation trends might resume, stay flat, or reverse. It’s the tug of war between the opposing effects of ozone recovery and rising greenhouse gases that may determine future trends,”


Researchers involved in the study say that there have been changing rainfall patterns and ocean currents. Following, the mid-latitude air stream shifting towards the South Pole. Currently, results show that the air stream had stopped moving south. And at the exact time, the hole began healing.

To procure the visual analyses of this, researchers have used a spread of computer simulations.

The situation of climate up till now:

Quite obviously, the activities of humans, for a particular time are to blame for the depletion of Earth’s solacement.

Over the years, humans are busy with the degradation of land, by reducing forests, overgrazing their livestock, etc. to not forget, the drastic sky rise in carbon footprint. Occurring mainly because of industries dumping heavy metals waste and emitting harmful oxides into the air.

The natural mechanism is Healing:

In a nutshell, humans never gave an opportunity to Earth’s natural mechanism, that it’s going to heal itself. However, on the brighter side, this Corona virus lock down has given our World the prospect to heal naturally, which it’s been wishing for hundreds of years.

Environmental experts enumerate that: “For the primary time in decades, the environment seems to be recovering from the constant pollution. The air quality index has been substantially improving. Subsequently, this suggests our planet is breathing again after an awfully very long time. Positive Signs.”

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