UNESCO permits “AI Innovation Award” of squirrel AI learning

AI Innovation Award, Under the theme “Artificial intelligence and Inclusion,” so as to affirm Squirrel AI Learning’s role as a pacesetter in promoting personalized high-quality learning with AI recognition of learning patterns.

UNESCO recognizes the worth of this innovation within the contribution towards the direction of more inclusion and equity in education. Other winners of this award include Google, University College London (UCL), and Tomorrow Advancing Life (TAL). As the first AI educational unicorn company in China to use the AI adaptive learning technology to K12 education, Squirrel AI Learning has so far founded more than 2,700 learning centers in over 700 cities.

Squirrel AI Learning has successfully developed China’s first advanced algorithm-based AI adaptive learning engine with fully independent property rights. 

Squirrel AI Learning system, during which AI and human teachers work together, not only focuses on offering student-centered intelligent personalized education but outperforms human teachers by applying AI technology during teaching processes like examination, learning, exercising, testing and question answering, thus making it possible to show students in accordance with their aptitude and improve their learning efficiency greatly.

AI Innovation Award, The system is supplied with a dozen algorithms and deep learning technologies. The core scientists are all from the international unicorn companies of AI adaptive education. Additionally, Squirrel AI Learning has founded joint laboratories with the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and therefore the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) ranking top in AI worldwide, and established cooperation in technology development with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International. 

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with 195 members, maybe a specialized organization of the international organization that owns the most number of members within the fields of international education, science, and culture.

The organization aims to push cooperation among nations through education, science and culture so on make a contribution to world peace and security.

The Mobile Learning Week could be a flagship event of knowledge and communication technology application in education hosted by the UN. Within the charge of UNESCO and its project partners, this year is that the eighth event thus far.

Themed “AI and Inclusion”, the Mobile Learning Week 2020 focuses on exploring the role of AI in promoting inclusion and equity in education, which is because the foundation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will advance the reason for digital transformation for all mankind.

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